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6 photos that make you feel beautiful

I was tagged by my dear friend hislastval

Going through all my photos (dear god, that took some time) I’ve reached the conclusion that I feel the most beautiful in pictures taken by either my dad or my best friend. I think they know how to make me relax and just be myself in front of the camera :)

Spread the self love!!
I tag: lostinsherlock, iamthekingofsassgard, sirwatshon, undergroundmindpalace and makeyourdeductions if you haven’t done it already :)

i was tagged for that 6 photos thingo (by ladyinabowtie ♡)

not gonna tag anyone explicitly because pretty much everyone has already done this but if you haven’t then consider this your tag!


took our chance, crash and burn
no, we’ll never ever learn
I fell apart, but got back up again…


Get to know me meme » (3/5) favorite series: BBC Sherlock

A nice murder. That’ll cheer you up.

you will love
and flowers will spring up
through the fissure lines in your heart
caitlin siehl


Shots from the RWBY Glamour Poster photo shoot. Available now at the Rooster Teeth Store.

But in all chaos, there is calculation.

"A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it’s you and me together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart."

You are not a puzzle solver; you never have been. You’re a drama queen. Now there is a man in there who’s about to die.